Kiddies Meet 2023

The Sishya Annual Kiddies Meet was held on Saturday, 25th February, 2023 on the School Grounds. The Chief Guest for this event was Mrs. Anisha Navaz, PTA president for the year 2019-2020. The Tiny tots proudly wore their class colours. The LKG children were in Ice Green, while the UKG students wore the pleasing Sky blue. Class 1 turned up in royal purple and Class 2 were in strong blue.

The Meet began with LKG and UKG performing their drill titled “The Cheerleaders Wave”. This was followed by Class 1 and 2 performing one of their own titled “One Team One Dream”.

There was palpable excitement on campus as the Drill was then followed by four events titled “The Referees”, “Fast Feet”, “The Side Hustle” and “Offside Obstacle”. Each Class was led by a Flag bearer and a Banner Bearer.


LKG A Flag Bearer : Vedha S
Banner Bearer: Yuvin Joel K
LKG B Flag Bearer : Taran Ajithprasad
Banner Bearer : Amanda F
LKG C Flag Bearer : Nitara Parvatham
Banner Bearer : Theerth Smaran Madeswara
UKG A Flag Bearer: Dheera Yomahesh
Banner Bearer : Sahaj Jhabakh R
UKG B Flag Bearer : Psalm Mariam Philip
Banner Bearer : Madhava Das Kuthethur
UKG C Flag Bearer : Tara Indira Sood
Banner Bearer : Armaan Gupta
1 A Bearer: Nathan Vincent Jachin
Banner Bearer : Pahal B
1 B Flag Bearer : Nyra Mardia
Banner Bearer : Vihaan Vishal Parwani
1 C Flag Bearer : Sven L
Banner Bearer : Ahana J
2 C Flag Bearer : Nishika Banthia
Banner Bearer : Pranava Das Kuthethur
2 C Flag Bearer : Jiyaa Tated
Banner Bearer : Aneesh Vidyut
2 C Flag Bearer : Anira J Roger
Banner Bearer : Rudraash Bose

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