Kiddies Meet 2015

Another Kiddies Meet took off to a great start on a bright and clear Saturday, the 23rd of March. The Chief Guest for the event was Mrs. Shayana Reddy, the PTA President of 2015. The Headmistress welcomed the special guests, the parents and the family members who had turned out in full force to watch and encourage the kiddies. The marching by Classes 2, 1, UKG and LKG went off at a smart pace and the assembly of athletes was executed with precision.

The theme this year was ‘Tradition’. In keeping with this theme, Class 2 performed some yoga exercises in unison, flawlessly. The tiniest L.K.G kiddies joined in the yoga as best as they could. The UKG and Class 1 children executed some designs as seen in our Tamil Nadu Pulli-kolangal tradition, and included some age-old activities like Kummi, synchronised clapping and Oyil Aattam.

The races were also in keeping with our theme. LKG ran the Mudha Masti (Butter Quest) race as they picked up the mud pot and raced to the finish line. UKG went kite-flying in their race Udhi Udhi Patang as they picked up the spool and the kite and dashed home. The kite runner with their kites soaring was a beautiful sight!

Popular Pandi or Hop-scotch, the nearly forgotten play-activity was revived by Class 1. They hopped within the squares and picked up the counter and headed towards their goal. Class 2 had a team race Zig Zag Zoom. They zigzagged their way between the markers to take their team to victory.

It was an absolutely delightful morning.

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