Drama Competition 2023

This year, the Drama Competition was held on the 23rd June, 2023 and the theme was ‘Cliffhanger’. Each house had to perform an original twelve minute play on the given theme. The judges for the event were Mr. Hans Padmanabhan and Mr. Dileep Rangan.

Cauvery House staged the play ‘The Perfect Indian Family’.

A courtroom drama where Miss Kavya Ahuja is accused of murdering her father. The prosecution presents evidence, in the form of a testimony from the housekeeper. The defense argues that Kavya is innocent and being used as a scapegoat. The play raises questions about motive, reliability of witnesses, and family dynamics.

Godavari House staged the play ‘Behind the Mask’.

The play follows Detective Pandey and Detective Gupta, who are investigating a masked killer who has just killed Venkatesh Gopal(40) and Sarah Vijay(16). The two detectives are found in a dingy, abandoned theater on their search for the killer, who turns out to have the same exact face as Detective Pandey.

Narmada House staged the play ‘Diamond Deception’.

Detectives gather to look into the theft of a rare diamond in a famous museum. As they question the suspects—who include a chai vendor, a fashion designer, a spoilt adolescent, and a strange visitor—clues start to surface. A surprising turn of events, however, comes when the lead detective is involved and a dead body is found, exposing a network of deception.

Sutlej House staged the play ‘The Silent Conspiracy’,

“The Silent Conspiracy” is a play about how a twisted “mastermind” manipulates 4 interviewees into believing that he is the brother of an ex-colleague of theirs, who had been murdered. He tasks them with finding out the killer but declares that the killer is standing among them. Towards the end of the play, it is revealed that the victim’s brother had died many years ago, and this “mastermind” is an imposter. The play ends with the cliffhanger of who the mastermind was and how was he related to the victim.

The results were as follows.

First: Cauvery
Second: Sutlej
Third: Narmada
Fourth: Godavari
Best Actor: Siddharth Yashwanth of Cauvery
Best Actress: Ayesha Prem Johar and Zara Kanwar of Cauvery
Best Director: Yuham Mutha and Ayesha Prem, Johar of Cauvery
Best Scriptwriter: Madhav Venkatachalam of Godavari

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