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Sishya was founded in 1972. The school has gradually developed over the years until it has evolved into a full fledged Higher Secondary School, offering the +2 since 1986. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, whose offices are in New Delhi. It prepares students for the ICSE (Class X) and the ISC (Class XII) examinations. Sishya has been granted Christian Minority status by the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions.

The school’s approach to primary education is grounded on activity based learning which helps foster and stimulate healthy inquisitiveness in the tiny tots. The school tries to build social skills at an early age and thechildren learn to be open minded and unprejudiced towards their peers and to collaborate with them.

There are no examinations till class 6. Thereafter as the children mature they are introduced to examinations. From class 9 onwards, the syllabus for the Board examinations is introduced.

The school has 14 classes, commencing with the LKG upto the 12th class. Divided into Primary, Junior and Senior schools. The school endeavours to keep the number of students per class to a minimum, balancing efficiency and quality, with economy. From KG to Class X there are not more than 30 per class. Science, Commerce and Humanity streams are offered at the Higher Secondary Level.

The present strength of the school is approximately 1200 students and 100 teaching staff.

Sishya School Policies

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The Sishya Campus

The Senior Block was built in 1984 nearly ten years after Sishya moved to Adyar. It houses fully equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology as well as classes 8- 10.

In 1987 the plans to construct an auditorium with a few class rooms above it was realised with the help of the PTA and their planning of a massive fundraiser – Exposish 88, on the school grounds. A collaborative and committed effort resulted in a resounding success, raising sufficient funds for the construction of the auditorium cum junior school. In 2007 , the auditorium was completely renovated as a multipurpose hall with additional classrooms above.

The G.E. Cherian Memorial ITC Primary Block was inaugurated in 1993. The pre-school complex consisting of little cottages and a delightful kiddies’ play area complete with a stage was constructed under the shade-giving trees in the premises with a donation from ITC. The cottages were renovated and made into smart classrooms with a generous donation from MRF in 2017.

The existing sports field was relaid and resurfaced in 2016 to support Sishya’s extensive sporting activities through the year. Gone are the days when every monsoon season made the ground a vast lake! It now has games fields for cricket, basketball, soccer, hockey, throw-ball, handball athletics, badminton and a golf driving range.

The Thangam Thomas Library Block,was inaugurated in 1997. It houses, apart from a state-of-the-art library, the 11th and 12th grade classrooms, the art department, and an audiovisual room.

A favourite student spot on campus, the Sishya canteen has ensured dietary nourishment over the years providing one and all with ample food for thought.

Guided by the principles on which the school was established forty years ago, Sishya continues to ensure holistic development of its children through a healthy balance of academic and co-curricular activities. These activities have been chosen with care for the different sections—primary, junior and senior—and seek to invigorate mind and body.

Fostering House Spirit

To foster character, creativity, team spirit and healthy competition among the pupils, the whole school is divided into four houses namely Narmada, Godavari, Sutlej and Cauvery. The children are assigned to one of the houses from class 2 onwards. They wear the different coloured house shirts every Friday and a house assembly is held.

Elected House Captains play the role of leaders to house members. Various inter-house competitions conducted over the school year help develop self-confidence and a spirit of camaraderie. The events also help build critical leadership qualities and accountability. Inter-house meets in music, dance, drama, debate, rangoli, art, and trivia challenges, provide the perfect vehicle to identify and nurture latent talent.

Each house is given points based on their performance and the overall champions of the school is declared every year and they are the proud owners of the coveted trophy for the champion house for the year.

Games and Sports

Professional training is offered in games such as throwball, volleyball, basketball, football, table tennis, golf, cricket, and chess from Classes 6 to 9. The students also join activity clubs like Yoga and Aerobics which contribute significantly to their development. All these activities, sports and clubs, are conducted after school hours and are spread through the academic year. Participation in these activities is by rotation to ensure every student has a turn at every activity before the 10th grade.

Ecole Franco Indienne Sishya

In 2012, in response to the growing population of French expatriates and French companies in Chennai, the Ecole Franco Indienne Sishya was started for French children. The Ecole has classes from LKG to class 10. with qualified teachers from France to teach the French Baccalaureate. After a low key start, the school is today one of only four recognised by the French Government, in India.

Co-Curricular Activities

The school also encourages co-curricular activities such as dance, drama, singing, debates, elocution etc. through Inter House Competitions.

Sishya has always sought to achieve total development of each pupil, with emphasis on learning and co-curricular activities. The School endeavours to ensure that each child receives his fair share of individual attention. The quality of education imparted is indicated by the achievements of former students of Sishya many of whom have excelled themselves in many fields.

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