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Sports in Sishya is integral to the agenda for student development. The school was one of the earliest in Chennai to offer coaching in swimming. Its high standards of coaching in all sports and its comprehensive sports infrastructure have been borne out by the trophies won and the sportspersons of national repute it has produced. Sishya’s students have been selected for State, National and International teams for Swimming, Squash, Rowing, Tennis, Badminton, Golf, and Equestrian sports. Sishya aims to provide a high standard of coaching and competition for the best sportsmen while enabling other students to play something they enjoy. Sishya students have been selected at the International, National and State level in Swimming, Squash, Rowing, Tennis, Badminton, Equestrian sports Etc. Pupils can play their sport every day if they wish, and for the enthusiast there are outstanding opportunities to play and excel.

For the less serious player there are friendly games and inter-House competitions that can be enjoyed at a less demanding level.



The playing fields are extensive and include fields for Football, Cricket, Hockey, and Volleyball. The school also has a Badminton court, Basketball court, a Golf driving range as well as an indoor area for Table Tennis.



The School employs professionals to coach Cricket, Athletics, Football, and Basketball.

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