The 14th Annual Session of SISHMUN (Sishya model United Nations) was held on Thursday 29th and 30th September at Sishya. This year SISHMUN’s aim to nurture a more expansive worldview and a profound comprehension of contemporary global issues among students, was a resounding success. A noteworthy addition to this year’s proceedings was the debut of The Press Corps, which added an enriching dimension to the conference.

The guest of honor was Ms. Kirthi Jayakumar an alumnus of Sishya.

SISHMUN 2022 began with the entry of the flag bearers to the strains of Sir Edward Elgars ‘Pomp and Circumstance.’ Ann Susan George the Deputy Secretary General of SISHMUN 2022 was the flag bearer of the UN flag and the school Flag was held by Laksh Chordia, Head Boy for the year 2022-23, and the Secretary general of SISHMUN 2022. The Chief Guest, Shri.T. S. Tirumurti lit the traditional lamp and inaugurated SISHMUN 2022.

The two days were filled with excitement and heated interactions among delegates from different schools. The committees in themselves were all successes with each committee passing either a resolution, a working paper or press communique for each and every agenda. The average size of the committees was 40 delegates, each with something to say and add value to the discussion. Overall, the committees progressed quickly and without stagnation and the general feedback from all the participants is that they had a memorable, productive and fun conference.

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