EFIS (I’Ecole Franco-Indienne Sishya)

Sishya rose once again to prominence with the setting up of Chennai’s first French school on the Sishya campus in 2011. Launched as a separate section, the Ecole Franco Indienne Sishya, was conceived to cater exclusively to the children of French expatriates. It initially took in children from kindergarten to eighth grades.

The École was founded with the involvement of Michelin India Tamil Nadu Tyres who sought to educate the children of their French employees in the French Baccalaureate system to enable reintegration when they returned to France. The Lycée Français Puducherry assisted in the development of syllabus, choicé of textbooks, and other support material for the ecole and the teachers, approved by the French Education Department.

Dr. Salim Thomas elaborates “The students study French, History, Geography and a few other subjects with the teachers from France. For other subjects like Mathematics, Science and co-curricular activities they join our regular classes.”

The École currently offers admissions to French speaking children from LKG to Grade 10.

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