Kiddies Meet 2014

The 22nd of March dawned bright and beautiful. The salute was taken by the PTA President of 2014, the willowy and striking Surbhi Gupta, who declared the Meet open and released the balloons which went flying and floating in the sky much to the delight of the kiddies, and set the tone for the day! The kiddies of LKG, UKG and Classes 1 and 2 were ready and raring to go, well before the appointed time. The March past was a delight to the parents as they watched their tiny tots seriously going left, right left…

Class 2 was ready with their drill “Hoopla”. The LKG children were also part of this item as they held their tiny hoops over anywhere they pleased! Class 1 performed with perfect precision using smaller hoops to the music of “Johnny comes marching home”. UKG took their position for the “Ants go marching one by one…” This drill was performed beautifully, as the Upper kindergartners marched in ones and twos and threes etc to create a lovely pattern. After that UKG and Class 1 performed the action song “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes”

The LKG race, suitably titled “Getting ready for school” saw the children picking up their over-sized pencil boxes and run to the finish, and sometimes to their parents! The UKG race was “Ants go on a picnic”! With their antennae on their heads, the ants went straight to the picnic food that they picked up and trotted smartly to the finish.

“Link and Lock” was the Class 1 race. The children were linked to their partners with their hoops and together finished the race. Working as a pair is always quite a challenge! As usual, Class 2 had a relay. “Loop the Hoop” was executed by teams of six and the excitement reached a crescendo as the children cheered each other on.

That brought us to the end of the Kiddies Meet and the happy kids with their medals and balloons trailed homeward with their parents.

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