Kiddies Meet 2016

Our annual calendar started with a bang. The Kiddies Meet was held on the 5th of March, just a week after the Annual Inter House Athletic Meet. The Meet got off to a great start with the March Past led by the School Band much to the delight and excitement of the kids. As the athletes assembled the Headmistress welcomed the gathering and introduced the Chief Guest, Mrs. Afshan Chhabria – President of the P.T.A, who declared the meet open and released a bunch of 100 balloons.

The theme for this year was “Shapes” and the programme started with the drill ‘Lets shape up’ as Class 1 and UKG wove a tapestry of squares, rectangles, triangles and topped it all with stars. The music added a special zing to the drill. Class 2 followed with the drill ‘Roundabout’ as they waltzed in circles to ‘Waltzing Matilda’. As their circles spread out as semi circles, LKG children joined in with a heart on their chest and added yet another semicircle. It was spectacular!

The races began soon after as LKG children ran their ‘Sweethearts’ race by trotting up to pick up a huge lollipop and then finishing at their own pace as they focused on the goody at hand. UKG was on ‘Mission Starfish’. The children had to pick up a starfish and then place it in a tub of water as each child made a difference to that particular starfish. Class 1, as always, had a twosome race as they jumped over a bench and then under the next before racing to the finish. Class 2 was a team race with each child in the team jumped in and out of a series of tyres.

The team race generated a lot of excitement and was a fitting finale for the Kiddies Meet.

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