Kiddies Meet 2012

40th years of Sishya coinciding with 25 years of Kiddies Meet, that is indeed a double bonanza! ‘Celebration’ was our theme for this year’s Kiddies Meet. The chief guest for this year was Ms. Puja Gupta, the PTA President for this year hoisted the flag, took the salute and declared the Meet open. Ms. Puja is a multi-faceted personality, who has launched a most sought-after concept called: ‘Life by design’.

The Meet began with a balloon action- drill by LKG, followed by a ribbon drill by class I. This was followed by a ceremonial marching display by Class II to the music of Bagpipes. As class II formed a border with their flags, UKG children came on to perform a drill with their floral bouquets. At the centre was a birthday-cake formation with candles and decorations. As soon as the drill was over the children sang the song: “A hap-hap-happy birthday” with a few variations.

The flat races were all over a week earlier. The fancy races beginning with LKG who had to ‘pick up their gifts and run’. It was very entertaining to see the kids. UKG ran an unusual race of “Oops I forgot the candle for the cake”. The children set off to run the race and then back-tracked to pick up the candles they had forgotten and then ran to pick up the cup cake and finish the race. Class I ran a relay race of 4 in a group. One member of the group was dressed up by the other three to go for the party. A bolero was put on, followed by the party cap and then a whistle with which the child set off for the party. Class II had a relay with 8 in a group, carrying a bunch of balloons.

The Kiddies Meet for the year 2012 came to a satisfactory conclusion thanks to the concerted effort of all the teachers, the Sports department and the Music Sir.

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