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We are very pleased to announce that Manan Goenka, Class of 2018, an undergraduate at Princeton University, has been awarded the SHAPIRO PRIZE for Academic Excellence 2018-2019, in his first year at Princeton. The citation reads that the award recognises outstanding Academic Achievement, taking into account the range, depth and difficulty of the Academic Program.

Well done, Manan !

Sishya Alumni Association

Today Sishya is known for producing students who are confident, can carry themselves well in any situation and have successfully made the Sishya name known to Universities in India and abroad. So much so, that Sishya students are sought after everywhere. The Sishya Bond also exists in communities all over the world.

The passion for learning that Sishya evokes, combined with the freedom the school gives its students to pursue their individual dreams has succeeded in producing prominent personalities who are today actors, singers, dancers, fashion designers, writers, entrepreneurs, F1 race car drivers, industry heads, CEOs even politicians and Grammy award winners.

Despite their individual callings, these people all say they have ‘warm fuzzy feelings’ any time they think of Sishya and can reconnect with a friend from the past in a mere jiffy. This affection for their Alma Mater has resulted in their active involvement with the school. The alumni spearhead an annual Career Guidance Program and have also created a face to face platform for mentoring Class 12 students in higher education and career development. Alumni engagement spans most school activities, including sports and workshops.


The Sishya Alumni Association is working on the following things right now:

  1. Helping raise funds for a Corpus that will ensure the financial security of the school for years ahead. For details on how to donate mail us at or
  2. The Alumni is getting an Alumni Newsletter underway, for which we need your current news/births/marriages and so on. You can email us at with any information.
  3. We had the Last Sunday in July event at 11am at Chef’s Table. 30th July 2017.
  4. We have begun an Annual Alumni v Current Students Debate which took place in August 2017 12.30pm. Alumni are welcome to tell us if you are interested to take part
  5. The Sishya Alumni Association have raised a generous collection for the recently retired Mr. Prabhakar.
  6. Chapters of Sishya Alumni across the globe are being planned, together with an online directory (password protected) so that any one of us can link up with alumni wherever we go, and youngsters can gain internships, work experience, and potentially jobs via alumni.

And various other things too…!

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