Independence Day 2023

This year the Independence Day event at Sishya was a vibrant celebration of patriotism and unity. The morning began with a sense of pride as the Principal hoisted the national flag, its colors fluttering gracefully in the breeze. The solemnity of the occasion was followed by inspiring speeches by the head boy, Adi Ramanlal, and head girl, Tia Thadani, both eloquently highlighting the significance of freedom and the future of the country. A collective prayer resonated with hope and gratitude for our nation. The atmosphere then transformed into one of joy and camaraderie as students showcased their talents in a variety entertainment program. Skits, dances, and songs infused the event with exuberance, portraying the essence of our diverse culture and history. As the day concluded, the Independence Day event had not only brought us together in celebration but also reminded us of the importance of preserving and cherishing our hard-earned independence.

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