Kiddies Meet 2013

The 26th Kiddies Meet took off as usual with the March Past. The Chief Guest Mrs. Fehmida Kabrajee, President of the P.T.A, took the salute and declared the meet open. “Colours” being the theme, the Drill and the races were beautifully and innovatively woven around it. The Class 2 children took the field first with the Drill: “Counting colours in the Rainbow”. The colours blended and spread to form the rainbow with the L.K.G children adding their own spectrum to match the larger one.

This was followed by Class 1 with colourful umbrellas and U.K.G with their beautiful pinwheels turning and spinning into “Swirls of Colour”. The races began with the L.K.G children picking up multi-coloured ribbons and running to the finish. ‘String it to win it’, was the race for U.K.G children. Beads of different colours had to be strung on a shoe lace and carried across to the finishing line.

Class 1 children had to go through a decorated hoop and then pass it over themselves which they did with practiced ease. The last race was a relay for Class 2, where they ran with a bunch of ribbons of different colours to sign off this year’s Kiddies Meet in style.

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