Kiddies Meet 2018

The Sishya Annual Kiddies Meet was held on Saturday, 3rd March, 2018 on the School Grounds. The Chief Guest for this event was Ms. Nikhila Sridhar, the PTA president 2017-2018. The kiddies meet began with the march past by all the students class wise from LKG to Class 2. The theme for this year’s meet revolved around “Sports Equipment”.

The LKG-UKG drill was called “Let’s Ping Pong” where the littlest members of our school held Ping Pong balls and Table Tennis racquets and performed to the music of “Upbeat Children’s Music”. Classes I and 2 twirled decorated hoops and tennikoit rings in a colourful drill called “Rings of Joy”. The races, in keeping with the theme involved sports equipment.

LKG had a Capathon Race involving a cap and a ball. UKG children ran wearing William-Tell like hats embellished with a feather. They had to pick bows and arrows in an obstacle race called “Aim to win it”. Targets were placed at the finish line. Class 1 highlighted the national sport of India in a race with hockey sticks and balls called “Pride of India”. The Class 2 race “Fast and Furious” was a complex obstacle event where the little ones got a taste of speed bumps on the Chennai roads. They had to jump over hurdles, crawl through tunnels and zigzag to the finish tape.

An exciting and interesting morning ended with the prize distribution ceremony.

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