Inter-house Debate Competition 2023

The Inter-house Debate Competition was held on 20th October, 2023 in the school auditorium. Students from classes 8-12 were eligible to participate with 3 participants in each Team from each house.

The Sutlej team consisted of Shruti Arvind (8B), Rishabh Narayanan (10A) and Tanvi Arvind (12A). The Narmada team included Anya Mercy George (9C), Vibhav Jhaver (10A) and Zai Tehzeeb Libby (11C). Mantra Venkatachalam (8C), Aadhit Udipi Rau (10B) and Tia Thadani (12C) represented Godavari house and the Cauvery team comprised of Shakti Vidyut (9C), Madhav Venkatachalam (11A) and Zara Kanwar (12B).

The motion for the competition was – “Media should have absolute right to Freedom of Speech and Expression”. The participants spoke like true debaters and brought forth various perspectives to the motion which left the audience battling to choose sides. The winning team was against the motion and successfully convinced the audience with their impressive points. After the debate concluded, the judges addressed the students and gave their valuable feedback to the debaters. They were truly impressed by the speaking and reasoning skills. This was followed by the result declaration with Sutlej in 4th place, Godavari and Cauvery were tied for the 2nd position and Narmada emerged the winner. It was a hard fought and engaging competition. The debates were so thought provoking that it fuelled further discussions about the power and role of media among the young minds of Sishya.

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