Kiddies Meet 2024

The 35th Sishya Annual Kiddies Meet was held on Saturday, 2nd March, 2024 on the School Grounds. The Chief Guest for this year was Mrs. Sumangala Chidamber, PTA president for the year 2023-24. The little ones proudly sported their class colours, with the LKG and EY-1 kids dressed in Lime Green, the UKG students in delightful Sky Blue, Class 1 adorned in Royal Purple, and Class 2 donning a Bold Blue.

The theme for this year’s meet was ‘Spring’. The meet began with LKG, UKG and EY-1 performing their drill titled “Ring Ding Springaling”. Following that, Class 1 and 2 presented their own performance titled “Welcoming Spring”.

The campus buzzed with excitement as the drills were succeeded by five racing events named “Spring Time Sprinters”, “Over the Rainbow”, “Hey this is Eggciting”, “Hip-Hop Hare-athon” and “Holi Dhamaal! Race me if you can!”.

Each Class was led by a Flag bearer and a Banner Bearer.


There was palpable excitement on campus as the Drill was then followed by four events titled “The Referees”, “Fast Feet”, “The Side Hustle” and “Offside Obstacle”. Each Class was led by a Flag bearer and a Banner Bearer.


School Flag Bearers Flag Bearer : Pahal B
Banner Bearer: Vahin V
LKG A Flag Bearer: Varshika V
Banner Bearer: Nihil Govind Anand Kumar
LKG B Flag Bearer: Siddhant Chordia
Banner Bearer: Janhvi Ajay
LKG C Flag Bearer: Anaaya Jain
Banner Bearer: Theer Khaleeli
EY 1 Flag Bearer: Kimaya Saran
Banner Bearer: Vedika Shri Shakthi
UKG A Flag Bearer: Akshara Srinivas
Banner Bearer: Avyukth Krishna
UKG B Flag Bearer: Sasha Emma Sundaram
Banner Bearer: Kairav A Jain
UKG C Flag Bearer: Darshit A
Banner Bearer: Gladys Valencia Michael
1 A Flag Bearer: Hazel M. Ajay
Banner Bearer: Naksh Jamad. S
1 B Flag Bearer: Karl Mohzad Dubash
Banner Bearer: Arianna Anish Iyer
1 C Flag Bearer: Isaiah Zane Dyvo S
Banner Bearer: Runeira Dhingra
2 C Flag Bearer: Sia Senthilnathan
Banner Bearer: Yohan Athreyan. S
2 C Flag Bearer: Vyan P.S.
Banner Bearer: Leah Maria Koshy
2 C Flag Bearer: Gansh Lath
Banner Bearer: Sophia Maria John

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