Junior School Day 2019

The Annual Junior School Day programme was held on the 27th of August 2019. This dazzling event showcased the astounding talents of our young performers from Kindergarten to Class 5. The children enthralled the audience through a variety of entertainment programmes excelling in the areas of dance, music and drama.

Every class presented a unique and different theme : LKG – “The Deep Blue Sea”, UKG – “Aladdin and Jasmine travelling around the world in 12 minutes”, Class 1 – “Celebrating Family Relationships”, Class 2 – “Unplug and Play”, Class 3 – “Rhythms of the Sea”, Class 4 – “The Five Elements of the Universe” and Class 5 staged a musical play titled “Unity in Diversity”. The invigorating music, splendid costumes, interesting props and vibrant backdrops highlighted the excellent attention to detail. The show was truly a feast for the eyes!

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