Junior School Day 2016

The Junior School programme of 2016 saw yet another breath-taking display of a variety of skills and talents. To start with, the choir of the tiniest kids from Class 1 lisped the hymn ‘Little drops of water’ in their own cute style. The Headmistress then welcomed the parents and shared her thoughts on how we need to bring up happy children by encouraging and motivating them, appreciating their effort rather than their ability; allowing for more free, unstructured spontaneous playtime and less TV viewing. She also stressed the importance of family dinners.

LKG surpassed themselves by dancing the different styles associated with the festivals celebrated across the country, in their item titled “Utsav”. “Circus comes to town”! Indeed the acrobats and the jugglers and the lion tamers took us into the unique world of the circus in their intricate dance routine.

Class 1 put up “The tale of five cities”. They took us on a tantalizing journey through Chennai, Mumbai, Jaipur, Darjeeling and Hyderabad with songs, dances and the special feature of the five cities by putting their own lovely signature on this beautiful concept.

Nitila Madhanagopal on the keyboard and the French children singing their own composition kept us entertained between the main events. This brought us to the end of the Pre-Primary segment. After a brief intermission, the Class 5 choir sang the Invocation hymn, ‘Love Divine’, ushering in the second session.

Class 2 staged “Fairy tale; mock tale”. The tale itself was beautifully put together with various fairy-tale characters in different comical situations. The children enacted it beautifully and thoroughly enjoyed putting up the show. “The Bangle Sellers” by Sarojini Naidu was the central theme on which the various dances reflecting the different stages in a woman’s life were woven. The children of Class 3 recited the poem with expression and did the Indian folk dances justice.

Class 4 explored the “Sports Champions of India” in various disciplines like badminton, tennis, boxing, athletics and cricket. The dance steps were choreographed with precision to depict each sport. It was a vibrant and spectacular show!

Class 5 wrapped up the evening with “Sleeping Beauty” enacted to songs and music. The sets and the costumes brought the whole play alive and real. The interim periods were filled by Uma Jwala and Sai Sanjana on the keyboard and Class 5 choir singing ‘Donna Donna’ and ‘Its Ok’.

All in all, the evening was most satisfying and absolutely pleasant. Well done Sishya!

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