Junior School Day 2013

The Junior School Day’s curtain raiser was a Bharatha Natyam dance by Class 1 children, set to the song “Swagatham” sung by the First graders. The nimble feet keeping perfect pace and the young voices lifted up in sweet harmony , set the tone for the rest of the evening.

The LKG children performed after the Headmistress welcomed the parents. The tiniest tots of Sishya were impeccably dressed as our “Friendly Neighbourhood Helpers”. Three of the lower kindergartners confidently announced the Count Down, as the children sang and enacted the activities of the Policemen, the Firemen, the Postmen, the Grocers and the Chefs. A wonderful start by these first-timers!

Anina of Class 1 played two songs on the keyboard with confidence, as Class 1 got ready to perform “Bon Voyage”. What followed was a visual delight as the first graders took off in an aeroplane, boarded their school bus and drove away in a Ferrari in style.

The Fourth graders then sang the evergreen ‘Woodpeckers song’ with a lilt and rhythm. UKG came on stage next with the item: “One heart, one voice, one nation”. It was a medley of songs in Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali, interspersed with dances of Punjab and Gujarat. It was truly a depiction of ‘one nation’ as the children projected the message of national integration. Jai Hind!
After the intermission, the Class 5 choir rendering the familiar hymn, “All things bright and beautiful” in a new and beautiful tune, struck a chord in the hearts of the parents.

“The Selfish Giant” was enacted by Class 2. The giant’s garden came to life on the stage as the story of the melting of the giant’s stone heart was acted out. The singing, the dancing and the acting came together so remarkably… the second graders truly excelled themselves. Mayure of class 5 played two pieces on the keyboard with an expert touch. Class 3 presented a collection of dances from salsa, jazz, and contemporary with such finesse and ease, that it was so pleasing to the eye.

Class 5 then sang the old favourite, “The Teddybears’ Picnic” bringing back memories to parents, of their school days. “Character Matters” was the Class 5 play. It was an interesting adaptation of the familiar nursery rhymes, focusing on one flaw in the character of the players, with a message about the importance of ‘character’. It was flawlessly executed. The singing and the dancing beautifully supported the action which had a lot of humour that was well appreciated by the audience.

Sabarish played “The blue bells of Scotland” on the violin with aplomb, as a filler between the last two items. The grand finale was the medley of Indian dances called “Rangoli” Truly, it was a splash of colour with verve and rhythm, as the Class 4 students expertly executed the intricate moves and steps that were intrinsically Indian. With that we came to the end of yet another School Day.


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