Junior School Day 2017

The Junior School Day showcases the amazing talents of the young students in the areas of music, dance, and drama, through a variety entertainment program. The highlight of the Senior School Day is a stage play that portrays themes ranging from mythology like Ramayana, to fairy tales like Cinderella, and even musicals like My Fair Lady. The Annual Day is also an occasion when star performers in the Board exams and extracurricular activities are recognized and rewarded.

The Junior School day this year, was held on the 29th of August. The day’s programme began with the invocation hymn “O give us homes” rendered by the Class 5 choir as the opening prayer song. The Headmistress then welcomed the gathering and added a few remarks about allowing the children to enjoy the journey, instead of pushing the kids to experience a brief moment of glory at the summit.

LKG children were their usual adorable-selves as they took the audience through “Our beautiful world”. ..a world of flowers and butterflies and rainbows and all things beautiful. Aman Kothari of 1C played the keyboard before the next class came on stage. UKG and Class 1 put up a concerted effort as they enacted, ‘The Jungle Book’.. a very ambitious project that was pulled off admirably by the tiny tots. The script was put together with songs, dances and dialogues, interwoven beautifully, to suit the 4 and 5 year-old children. Mowgli and his friends, and the entire world of the jungle kept the audience on the edge of their seats as they turned the pages of the Jungle Book.

After the intermission, the programme resumed with the choir singing “All people that on earth do dwell”, which was followed by the children of Classes 4 & 5 who put up a beautiful dance to the strains of a Tamil song, depicting the majesty of nature, bursting into a joyous Oyillattam dance.

Soon after that, Diya Arun of 5A showcased her expertise on the keyboard. Next the audience was taken into the underwater world to celebrate the birthday of the King of the Ocean. The beautiful costumes added to the delightful charm of the starfish, the jellyfish, the octopus and the mermaids, as they danced and swayed along with the waves to greet their king.

Nitish P. of 4A then entertained the audience with a song played on the keyboard. “Raju ban gaya gentleman” was a very interesting skit in Hindi, executed with finesse by the children of Classes 4 & 5. The clear and expressive dialogue drew appreciative responses from the audience.

Up next were Swara Laya Shashank of Class 5B and Shriya Prasad of Class 5C who played an intricate duet on their guitars. Class 3 put up a series of dances to the theme of “Rhythms of the world”. The colourful costumes and vibrant dancing kept the audience enthralled. The next slot was ably filled by Anahita Elias and Vedaa Chordia of Class 5A as they played a duet on the keyboard.

The grand finale was the play “Back to the summer”, where a malfunctioning Time machine takes a group of children on a wild journey to different parts of the world at different periods of time. The exotic places and their dances and the humorous banter of the children brought a warm feeling of well-being as the curtains came down on yet another school day.

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