Junior School Day 2014

The 2014 School Day began with the delightful singing of the Hymn ‘God my Father, loving me’ by our Class 1 Kiddies choir. The Headmistress then welcomed the gathering. The first item, ‘Jungle Jamboree’ had the LKG children dressed in cute animal costumes, and the kids who ventured into the jungle, declared that they were not afraid of the Jungle animals!

UKG children danced on exotic beach locales to original music of that area, in authentic beachwear and quite dazzled the audience. ‘Aspiring to Excel’…. using the Sishya motto, Class 1 brought to life four distinguished world leaders , and traced their journey as they aspired to excel in their own special way. We saw the lives of Naredra Modi, Jayalalithaa, Barak Obama and Queen Elizabeth II unfold before our eyes. It was an edifying session and the flawless execution of this original concept held the audience spell-bound.

Between the items, we had Akash Karekatte of Class 5B playing the guitar and the Class 4 choir singing “Chattanooga choo choo”. After the intermission, we resumed with the Junior choir singing a different version of ‘The Lord’s my Shepherd’ called Brother James’ Air. It was commendably sung. “Look who is dancing!” The second-graders found their toys to be quite boring compared to their i-pods and computer games. But, the toys suddenly come to life and start dancing much to the amazement of the children, who then realise what they were missing by ignoring the traditional toys.

Class 3 started off by reciting R.L. Stevenson’s poem “Travel” and followed it up with their itinerary across the globe! We joined them in their trip to China and the dragons, to Egypt in their exotic costumes, to Africa to the beat of the drums and to the desert lands of Arabia. It was quite exhilarating!

Rip Van Winkle, the age-old favourite tale, was enacted by the 5th graders. The acting, the singing and the dancing came together to present a wonderful show. Class IV gave us a grand finale, as they danced to songs from the musical ‘Matilda’. The antics of the naughty children in the school-room, their capers in the school ground and their dreams of how things will be when they grow up were executed flawlessly much to the satisfaction of the children and the parents.

The time between the items were filled by Tungesh and Adam Libby of Class 5A playing the keyboard, the Class 4 choir singing ‘Valderi, Valdera’ and Vikram Khamdar of Class 4A playing the drums.

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