Junior School Day 2018

The Junior School Day showcases the amazing talents of the young students in the areas of music, dance, and drama, through a variety entertainment program. The highlight of the Senior School Day is a stage play that portrays themes ranging from mythology like Ramayana, to fairy tales like Cinderella, and even musicals like My Fair Lady. The Annual Day is also an occasion when star performers in the Board exams and extracurricular activities are recognized and rewarded.

The 28th of August was a bright and beautiful day. The students of Classes LKG to 5 were all excited because Junior School day had finally arrived. After a month of practice sessions, the lines were learnt and dance steps synchronized to perfection. With voices at the right pitch and costumes with a last minute stitch, the children were eager to showcase their talent.

As 4 o’clock approached, the excitement was palpable. The school was filled with happy children in bright, colourful costumes. Some faces were painted with perfect little moustaches and some with whiskers. It was quite funny to see a crab talking to a pirate and a fish running after a chicken. The teachers on the other hand had butterflies in their stomach and prayers in their heart, hoping everything would go according to plan.

The evening began with the Headmistress welcoming the parents and asking them to get ready for the children to make them smile, laugh, be surprised and astonished with their talent, variety and skill.

The Junior Choir sang the beautiful Invocation hymn, “You raise me up”. This was followed by a graceful and energetic Oyillattam dance by the students of Class V. The comperes of the day, Vibhav Jhaver, Kiara Hemdev and Anya Viji introduced each act with aplomb.

It was cuteness overload with the students of LKG making the animated characters come alive. Trolls, Gummy bears and Kung-Fu fighting left everyone with sunshine in their pockets after watching their adorable performance. This was followed by a miruthangam performance by Sishya’s little maestro in the making, Anirudh Ramkumar of UKG.

Classes UKG and I then took us on a voyage across the Ocean with Moana. Shinning costumes, props, crowd pleasing music and dialogues spoken with confidence ensured this show was a success.

After a brief intermission the show resumed with a soulful song – “10,000 Reasons”, sung by David Theosebes of Class IV.

Class II showed us the importance of acknowledging and dealing with our feelings. They expressed the emotions of sadness, joy, love, fear and happiness through dance. They left everyone saying ‘Love You Zindagi’.

Class III brought us the rich culture of North East India through graceful tribal dances of Manipur, Meghalaya, Assam and Nagaland. Mitran of Class V on the djembe and Jenny Song on the keyboard kept us entertained between the events.

Class IV enacted the story of Lord Ganesha from Indian Mythology by bringing out his qualities of respect, obedience, courage and the ability to forgive others. The play was of professional standards. The fluency with which the children spoke Hindi was impressive. This was followed by Rustom Poncha playing the melodious ‘Ode to Joy’ on the violin.

Class V presented the entertaining Broadway hit, ‘The Beauty and the Beast’. They showed us that beauty transcends physical appearances and that true beauty lies within a person.

With this the Junior School day came to an end. The curtains closed to a hall full of proud parents, grandparents, teachers and lots of happy children leaving with a sense of accomplishment. Until next time……

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