Junior School Day 2015

School Days are such wonderful opportunities for children to soar on their wings of creativity. Wings, along with roots to provide stability and security, are the two most important gifts that we, as parents and teachers can give our children.

The evening of August 29th began with Class 2 choir singing the hymn “This is my Father’s world”. The young voices rose melodiously and confidently to this lovely song.

LKG children brought in the Joy of the Seasons as they co-ordinated their actions perfectly to the songs about the different seasons. Class 3 children danced with the tiny tots as they guided them from one season to the other. A great effort!

Turya Vijay of Class 1 played the key-board beautifully as UKG children took their position behind the curtain.

UKG was on an African safari as they visited South Africa, Egypt and the dark jungles on the course of their African Rhapsody. Costumes superbly matched the songs and the situation.

The Class 5 choir entertained the parents as they sang Scarborough Fair.

The Aliens paid a surprise visit to planet Earth, landing right in the middle of Sishya! The two aliens were then taken to the deserts, the ocean and the mountains of our world. They were enthralled by “the most beautiful planet of all” as they said, before leaving on their space ship that actually landed in the middle of the stage and whisked the aliens away!

After the intermission, we resumed with Class 5 children dancing a classical invocation to the sound of Nadhaswaram.

Class 4 honoured the musical genre created by Michael Jackson, on his birth anniversary. The exceptionally talented voices of Class 4 sang the” Earth Song” and “Heal world” as the class danced MJ’s very own unique steps to MJ’s unforgettable music.

Class 5 choir was back with a medley of the Hindi song “Papa keheta hai bada naam karega” and the tamil song ‘Nalla perai vanga vendul pillaihalde’ It was beautifully sung with flawless pronunciation of the 2 languages.

Class 2 was on the stage now to take us to China as they celebrated the dance forms of this country. The fan dance and the umbrella dance and the painted-hand dance and others were extremely well done to authentic Chinese music. The precision and grace of the dance moves supplemented by the lovely costumes truly elevated this item.

Swaroop Navaneethan of Class 2 kept the audience spell bound as his hands displayed absolute magic on the drums.

Class 3 then brought on their super-heroes who spoke about their special powers and proceeded to show as what Batman, Superman, Power Puff girls could do!

Class 4’s Quartet of Reyhaan, Krish, Tanvi and Tanay sang the ever-green song: O Danny Boy. The pure and beautiful voices transported the audience to a different world altogether!

Class 5 brought up the Finale for the evening as they put up: Aladdin and his magic lamp. The singing and dancing and action and special effects came together to produce a thing of sheer beauty.
All in all, the evening was most satisfying and absolutely pleasant. Well done Sishya!

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