Graduation Ceremony 2023

March 31st,2023: the eagerly awaited graduation ceremony finally arrived for the Class of 2023. Excitement and anticipation filled the air as students, donned in their elegant blue robes, gathered with their loved ones to mark the culmination of their school journey.

Principal, Mrs. Omana Thomas, addressed the gathering. Her voice was one of pride as she took to the stage, delivering an inspiring speech that encapsulated the achievements and dreams of the graduating class. Following the Principal’s address, each of the three class teachers took their turn, sharing warm and witty anecdotes and words of encouragement about each student. With each tribute, emotions ran high, capturing the essence of the unique bonds formed through the years. This was followed by the distribution of mementos by the trustees, and the lighting of candles. The ceremony, which ended with the school song, was followed by a grand lunch for the students and teachers.

It was a day of reflection, celebration, and bittersweet farewells, as the graduates stepped forward, ready to embark on the next chapter in life with confidence and determination. The graduation day 2023 will forever be remembered as a milestone of personal growth and achievement, etching memories that will endure throughout the lives of the Class of 2023.

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