Sishya Vs Alumni Debate 2023

The Annual Sishya Vs Alumni Debate, 2023 was conducted on 3rd February, 2023. The motion for the day was ‘This House believes that Rebranding is necessary every 10 to 15 years’.

The school team comprised of

  1. Anya Mercy George – Class 8
  2. Ishaan Srinath – Class 9
  3. Siddharth Yashwanth – Class 11
  4. Tia Thadani – Class 11


The Alumni team had

  1. Muskaan Singla
  2. Rohan Mecheri
  3. Ranganathan Subrahmanyam
  4. Vaishnavi Subrahmanyam

Dr. Salim Thomas presided over the event.

The Sishya team chose to speak against the motion.

Both teams came up with excellent points. Team Alumni won the motion. Anya Mercy George of class 8 from Team Sishya was adjudged best speaker. Mr, Srinath Sridevan, President, Sishya Alumni Association addressed the students on the importance of debating. Ms Shaan Libby, oversaw the entire debate.


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