Drama Competition 2017

This year, the theme for the Drama Competition was ‘History’. Each house had to perform an original short play of fifteen minutes duration based on a historical personality or event. The judges for the event were Mr. Amarendran, a theatre personality and author and Mr. Vinod Anand, a theatre actor, director and voice artist.

Cauvery House’s play “Ode to slavery” was directed by Meera Vijay. The story revolved around Louise Williams, a slave who escaped from Kentucky. He gets arrested and is brought to court and the climax is about his escape from the court.

‘My life’ the play staged by Godavari House, tells the story of the betrayal of Shah Jahan by his children. His ambitious daughters-in-law poison their husbands’ minds and turn them against their own father leading to his death.

Narmada House enacted ‘Viva La Revolution’. The play depicted the harsh realities of the common man of France in the early 18th century. It was a period of social and political upheaval in France. Unable to tolerate the harsh conditions in which they lived, the bourgeoisie organize an uprising and storm the bastion.

‘Noor Jehan’, was the title of the play put up by Sutlej. The story summarizes the life of the famous Mughal queen and the travails that she faced in her early life. Finally married to the drunken emperor Jehangir, Mehrunissa takes the reins of the empire into her own hands.

Narmada House emerged winners. They also bagged the ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Script’ awards. Godavari and Cauvery were tied for second place and Sutlej came in fourth.

The results were as follows.

First: Narmada
Second: Godavari & Cauvery
Fourth: Sutlej
Best Actor: Prithvi Srivatsav of Narmada
Best Actress: Raeesa Anwar Haq of Cauvery & Amaarah Marikar of Narmada
Best Director: Prithvi Srivatsav of Narmada
Best Scriptwriter: Amaarah Marikar & Prithvi Srivatsav of Narmada


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