Drama Competition 2015

This year, the theme for the Drama Competition was ‘Psychological Thrillers’. Each house had to perform an original short play of fifteen minutes duration.

Cauvery House’s play ‘The devil is in the details’ was about a mentally depressed man who tries to kill himself but ends up in a coma. While in the coma he dreams about the perfect life, but the devil – his conscience – tempts him and finally takes his life.

‘Fortune favours the wicked’ the play staged by Godavari House, tells the story of an abusive husband whose wife becomes a murderer. The husband is sent to jail after the wife blames him for all her crimes. Finally it is revealed that the wife had wrongly framed her husband.

Narmada House enacted ‘The darkness felt’ and the play was about a daughter who was tricked by her mother into believing that she had killed her father. This causes her to have a dual personality and the realization of her true identity formulates the rest of the play.

‘Ghosts of the past’, the play put up by Sutlej dealt with a CBI agent who kills an innocent man and her hallucinations about it turn her into a schizophrenic. The partner who accompanies her is merely a figment of her imagination

Sutlej House emerged winners. Cauvery was awarded with both, ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Script’ awards and came in second. Narmada House came in third and Godavari took fourth position.

The results were as follows.

First: Sutlej
Second: Cauvery
Fourth: Narmada
Best Actor: Avi Natesan of Sutlej
Best Actress: Akshay Rajagopal of Cauvery
Best Director: Pranav Premani of Cauvery
Best Scriptwriter: Pranav Premani of Cauvery

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