Drama Competition 2018

This year, the Drama Competition was held on the 22nd of June 2018 and the theme was ‘Crime and punishment’. Each house had to perform an original short play of fifteen minutes duration based on the theme given. The judges for the event were Mr. Dilip Rangan, a theatre personality involved in over 100 productions all over India and Mr. Nikhil Kedia, an actor and director based in Chennai.

Cauvery House’s play “The tragedy of Dr. Faustus” dealt with the banishment of Faustus from Germany by his brother, King David, for attempting to usurp his throne. Desperate to claim the throne that he believed truly belonged to him, Faustus resorts to the evil practice of black magic. He summons the devil and lives a life of moral degradation.

‘Congratulations! You’ve just died’ the play staged by Godavari House, details the life journeys of three people, one a socialite, another an environmentalist and the third, a regular victim of circumstance. They were well herded by a Grim reaper. The basic premise of the play was to show how even sustained good deeds when done with a misplaced motive, results in a stint in Hell in the afterlife.

Narmada House enacted ‘Legal Eclipse’. It told the story of Scarlett Smith who is wrongly accused and charged with the murder of her husband who is actually alive and living with their son and her best friend. Her son comes to visit her in prison to complain about the bad treatment meted out to him by his father and step mother. Scarlett decides to stop her husband once and for all, using the ‘loophole’ called double jeopardy

‘Hidden in plain sight’, was the title of the play put up by Sutlej. The story revolved around Detective Philip who is called upon to investigate a series of murders. On moving into his new apartment, he is introduced to Ris, whose sister Athena is involved in nefarious activities. He soon realizes that the siblings are behind the murders. He is caught and about to be killed but escapes, only to be found dead the next day. Athena confirms that she is the killer and Ris, heartbroken and guilty is informed that he has to give the name of their next victim. He flies into a rage, kills his sister and when another accomplice tries to take Athena’s position, Ris is quick to remind her that he is next in line and the one calling the shots.

Godavari House emerged winners, followed by Cauvery and Sutlej took third position. The Best Direction and Best Script writer awards were bagged by Sutlej House.

The results were as follows.

First: Godavari
Second: Cauvery
Fourth: Sutlej
Best Actor: Jacob Vacha of Cauvery
Best Actress: Shreya E. Thomas of Narmada
Best Director: Upaasana Karthik, Nandan Sankriti Kaushik & Sana Gill of Sutlej
Best Scriptwriter: Upaasana Karthik, Nandan Sankriti Kaushik, Megha Dinesh & Puja Solaiappan of Sutlej


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