Drama Competition 2019

This year, the Drama Competition was held on the 21st June, 2019 and the theme was ‘Cliff hanger’. Each house had to perform an original short play of fifteen minutes duration based on the theme given. The judges for the event were Mr. Nikhil Kedia, an actor and director based in Chennai, and Mr. Shrivatz Agaram Sridharan a theatre enthusiast and performing artist.

Cauvery House staged the play ‘A Concoction of guilt and repentance’.

Seven people are invited to and locked in a room. They receive a letter telling them that they will be killed, accusing them for the murder of a man named Mr.Ghosh. As the clock ticks and they try to figure out who locked them in, one of them dies. Later as they come to the realisation of who committed the murder, six gunshots are heard as police rush into the scene. But who did it?

Godavari House staged the play ‘The Monroe paradigm’.

When word gets out that the biggest mafia gang in town has declared a 5 million dollar bounty for anyone who kills his adversary, thousands of people line up with various stories to prove themselves to the mafia boss. The play revolves around uncovering the true story amidst treachery, betrayal and double dealing.

Narmada House staged the play ‘Whodunit’.

Set in the Madras High Court, the play revolves around the murder of Rohit Shankar and the case against his wife that ensued. The play concludes with Varsha’s innocence being proved and leaves the audience wondering whether it was the nanny or the servant.

Sutlej House staged the play ‘Hidden in plain sight’,

The murder investigation of a teenage girl, Kyra leads to her friends Naina and Ananya being named the prime suspects. The fact that Naina is schizophrenic emerges when she inquires about why Ayesha, a fragment of her imagination was not being interrogated. The play focusses on uncovering who the murderer is.


The results were as follows.

First: Godavari
Second: Cauvery
Third: Narmada
Fourth: Sutlej
Best Actor: Akhil Madhavan of Godavari
Best Actress: Antara Ramkumar of Narmada and Freya Pharis of Sutlej
Best Director: Akhil Madhavan of Godavari
Best Scriptwriter: Surabhi Gopal, Dhriti Sumanth and Madhav Karthikeyakannan of Cauvery
Ridhi Agarwal, Divya Rangarajan and Antara Ramkumar of Narmada

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