Drama Competition 2013

This year, practice sessions for the inter house drama competition started quite early. Each house presented original comedies which were scripted and directed by themselves.

Cauvery house’s play, ’Welcome to the family’, tells the story of a simpleton who falls in love with a beautiful girl against his mother’s wishes. The story unfolds in a series of comical events and displayed a mockery on Indian high society women.

Godavari’s play ‘Breaking in’ is the story of a father and his son who break into their own house and of how they eventually get caught by the mother and mother-in-law of the family.
Narmada house presented a romantic comedy titled, ‘A table for two’. It was s story of two fat people and how they fall in love.

Sutlej’s play entitled, ‘Stupidity pays’, is a hilarious account of a bank robbery committed by a couple that went terribly wrong. It highlighted the point that we don’t always have to be smart to succeed.

The results of the competition were not much of a surprise as Sutlej who put up a brilliant performance took first position. The results were as follows.

The results were as follows.

First: Sutlej
Second: Narmada
Third: Cauvery and Godavari
Best Actor: Udhav Tulsyan of Sutlej
Best Actress: Rochana Mohan of Narmada
Best Director: Udhav Tulsyan (Sutlej) & Rochana Mohan (Narmada)


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