Independence Day 2017

Independence Day was celebrated with great fervour in school on the morning of August 15th 2017. Our Principal, Mrs. Omana Thomas hoisted the National Flag. The Head Boy Raghav Mecheri gave an inspiring speech on the sacrifice made by our great leaders and he also appealed to all present to bring about more changes to help India progress further.

This was followed by a variety entertainment programme – a very colourful variety of song and dance in the school auditorium. It began with a soul stirring speech by Savrang Jain of Class 12 who highlighted very interesting facts about India and the various achievements made by its people. Up next was a beautiful rendition of ‘Land of our birth’ by the students of Class 3. ‘Freedom – at what cost?’ – was the skit put up by the children of Classes 4 & 5 through which they portrayed the life of our jawaans, who know no celebration, only duty. This was followed by a song ‘Bharat hum ko jaan se pyaara hai’ by the Class 6 students. A fitting finale to the days programme was a dance performance by the students of Classes 8, 9 & 10 to the beat of some new and peppy songs which inspired and aroused patriotic feelings in the minds of all those present.

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