Graduation Ceremony 2018

A day of fond reminiscence and teary farewells, the Graduation Day is a day invested with much sentiment and gravity. What initially consisted of just a Farewell Assembly has evolved into a full-fledged ceremony replete with an orchestrated entry of the graduating (ISC) class in blue robes, addresses by teachers and students, distribution of mementos by the trustees, and the lighting of candles. The ceremony, which ends with the singing of the school song, is followed by a grand lunch for the students and teachers.

Sishya bade farewell to the ISC Batch of 2017 on the 3rd of April. The graduation ceremony began with the students and the teachers of Class 12 entering the hall in procession, wearing robes of blue.

Next the class teachers of the outgoing batch spoke about the students of their class. The outgoing Head Boy and Head Girl, Raghav Mecheri and Simran Avinash Somalinga then reminisced about their years in Sishya and also spoke about the teachers who had taught them. The graduates then received a memento and a scroll from the Principal, Mrs. Omana Thomas and a decorated candle which they used, to light another candle which was kept on the stage. It was a lovely sight indeed.

After the school song was sung, the ceremony officially ended but this was followed by a grand lunch for the outgoing students and the teachers. It was a day of nostalgia and remembrances for the students – happy moments to be cherished as they went out to face a different way of life.

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