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This year, the students of Class 12 went on an excursion to Ooty and Masinagudi. The trip lasted 4 days and 5 nights (travel included). We were as enthusiastic as ever to get a break from school in an unfamiliar land and the added excitement, this being our last excursion ever in any school, could only make things sweeter! The teachers who accompanied us were all extremely tolerant towards us, tending to our illnesses and doubts with utmost patience.

We left on the 11th of September and reached Destiny Farms at noon the next day. The vast, pristine and serene cultivated and productive land with appropriately furnished cottages was a fitting end to our excursions. Trekking, fishing, farming and zip-lining were some of the activities we were offered to try our hand at. After a 2 day stay, we bid adieu to Destiny farm and left for Bear Mountain resorts in Masinagudi.

We reached on the 14th just in time for a rustic lunch. After refreshments we were gathered to choose between camping tents and cottage rooms. The border that demarcated the secure land from the Bandipur forest was but 10 feet away from the first camp site and this excited us more. Our trip came to an end the next day when we left Bear resorts after activities like trekking and bonfire dancing. The journey back was as silent as night as the ‘Exhausted 80’ left for chaotic Chennai.

I am sure to be joined by all my classmates when I say this – this excursion has exceeded all our expectations and will be held near and dear to all our hearts for the rest of our lives.

– By Deepthica V. Jagannathan and Meghna Ravi.



This year, Class 11 went to Wayanad for their excursion. We left Chennai on the 12th of September by the Mangalore Express at around 5.00 p.m. It carried two compartments of very excited children and we arrived at Kozhikode Station at 7.00 a.m. the next day. Our train was delayed by three hours due to the rain and upon our arrival, the teachers accompanying us, ushered us into two large buses that took us to the resort.

After a late breakfast we were given a few hours to relax at the resort. Post lunch, we were taken to a wildlife sanctuary where we got to see spotted dear. On arrival back at the resort, we were greeted by a bonfire!! All of us – boys, girls and even the teachers, danced till it was time for dinner. The next day we went trekking to the Soochipura falls. In the afternoon, we went to the Banasura Dam.

The rain played spoilsport again, so we had to return back to the resort where we were treated to hot tea and pakoras. The teachers announced that there would be no formal night but everyone nevertheless dressed up for dinner. That was not all and we were further informed that we would have to leave Kozhikode early – at 3.00 a.m., because of a bus strike. The next day was spent at a hotel in Kozhikode and later that evening we boarded our train back to Chennai.

– By Anushri Visweswaran & Arjama Thakur



This year, Class 10 went on an excursion to Munnar, Kerala, between the 12th and 16th of September. We were accompanied by our three class teachers. Want to know what we did? Keep reading to find out!.

We left on 12th September from Egmore Railway Station at 9:45pm and arrived at Dindigul early morning the next day. From there we continued by bus to Munnar. The bus ride was so much fun! Believe it or not, most of us were up and dancing to loud music. Our teachers also joined in with our singing and dancing! After reaching our hotel around lunch time we had a formal night that evening. We all had a blast! All the girls wore dresses and even the boys wore formal shirts and pants. We danced non- stop for quite sometime and sang so loudly until we lost our voices!

The following day, 14th September, was kept aside for some sight-seeing. We visited a National Park where we did a bit of walking. After that, we went to ‘Echo Point’ for only a short while. In the evening, some of the girls went shopping and the boys, being boys, played football. What surprised us the most was that the teachers organized another night of dancing, an ‘informal night.

Time was flying by quite fast and soon our third day there, 15th September, had arrived. That day was spent at the hotel. Everyone just relaxed and had a good time. We left by bus to the station, after lunch. What a bus ride, from hilarious Tamil movies, to loud music and dancing! That five hour journey felt like only an hour! We reached the train station at 9:45pm, just in time for our train. Most of us were pretty depressed that the excursion was over.

The next morning, 16th September, was the day we arrived in Chennai. Our excursion, this year, was incredible, but time flies too fast when you’re having fun! That three day excursion got over in the blink of an eye, but it was definitely an excursion to remember.

– By Samara Sudhir



This year Class 9 went to Hyderabad for their excursion. We left on the 12th of September by the Charminar Express. We had three compartments in the train all for ourselves. The next morning we arrived at Hyderabad Station around 8.00 a.m. and boarded two huge buses which took us to where we were going to stay – Hotel Aditya Park. After breakfast and a quick shower we visited the Salar Jung Museum, the Charminar and later were treated to a Laser show at the Lumbini Park.

Overall, the day was quite enjoyable. The next day, after breakfast we left for some sight-seeing. We visited the Golconda Fort, the Birla Temple and the Birla Science and Technology Centre. That night our teachers announced that we would have our Formal Night and everyone dressed up for the occasion to dance the night away.

The last day after packing our luggage we went to see the Snow World. From Snow World, we set off back for Chennai. Our first excursion was very memorable and all of us just can’t wait for the next one!!!

– By Sukanya Prasad & Deepthi Sendhilkumar.

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