School Exhibition 2023

The Sishya School exhibition on Monday 6th November 2023 was a huge draw for students and parents. With India becoming a fast-rising star in the global firmament, the students of Classes 6 to 12 chose to highlight the nation and its achievements under the label ‘India on the Global Stage’. The level of dedication and mindfulness that the students displayed gave the audience great vigour to cheer them on.

The Junior School Project Day is a much awaited event and the tiny tots of LKG, UKG and Class 1 exhibited a colourful display on Nature with meticulously detailed charts and models. Class 2 stole the show with a melange of colours and vibrant costumes, depicting Festivals of India, celebrating our rich culture and heritage. The theme that Class 3 picked was Millets, an ode to India’s variety of millets. It was a perfectly timed selection as 2023 is the UN declared International Year of Millets. Class 4 showcased some of the lesser known dance forms from round the globe, including Swing, Polka, Fandango, Charkula, Kud and Gotipua Dances – most names that many of us haven’t heard of before! Grade 5’s project, presented as “Leaves and Beans”, was a fantastic representation of tea and coffee which drew in a large crowd.

It was amazing to walk into EY 1 and see it transformed into a world of creepy crawlies! It was exciting to see their progress in colouring, crafts and their creativity in full bloom. The experience was educational and fun!

The Art exhibits this year broke all the conventional moulds of what art ‘should be’. Each student displayed an Indian rendition of a famous Western painting. For the first time, students from 11th and 12th grades displayed Installations and these were truly out of the box. Each one more unique than the previous featuring interactive pieces.

The sale for the Art and Craft items created during SUPW was a grand success as well.

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