School Exhibition 2016

Aimed at showcasing a plethora of interesting and varied subjects from culture and tradition to the environment, science, and technology, Sishya organizes an all-School Exhibition every year in which students participate with vigour and enthusiasm. The projects are presented class-wise, and exhibits take on various forms ranging from working models, innovative information charts, Power Point presentations, to street plays and thematic music performances. The exhibition serves as a showcase for the expansive student work through the year and the impressive repertoire of curricular interests and activities.

Senior School Exhibition :

The theme for the senior school exhibition 2016 was ‘Festivals of India – 365 days of colour, joy and celebration’. The organized layout with the attractive signboards stated the class as well as the topics that were covered. The school auditorium was aglow with a riot of colours and music filled the air. The stage was filled with dancers from across India – Mohiniattam, Garbha and Dandiya to name a few. The children were dressed in the traditional costumes and put on a spectacular show with their graceful moves and sheer exuberance.

Also on sale were the items made by the children as part of SUPW, the proceeds of which went to charity. The art work of the students from the Art department and the clay figurines as part of Pottery was indeed a sight to behold and the teachers did a commendable job in ensuring that the children realize the joy of discovering and creating.

Class 6 focussed on the festivals celebrated in November and December. The Pushkar fair, Diwali and Christmas were some of the festivals that were highlighted. The colourful charts and exhibits displayed by the children brought out the significance and meaning of the festival.

Class 7 dealt with the festivals during the months of March and April. Mahavir Jayanthi, Ugadi, Holi, Pooran and Eid-ul-Zuha were a few of the festivals that were highlighted.

Class 8 – Easter, Ganga Dusshera Festival, Urs festival – these were a few of the festivals that were showcased by the students.

Class 9 focussed on the festivals celebrated in the month of January. The harvest festivals celebrated in different parts of India was the main theme. On display were charts depicting Pongal, Lohri, Vasant Panchami and the Kite festival.

Class 10 dealt with Raksha Bhandan, 10 days of Onam, Ganesh Chaturthi, Nag Panchami, Hemis festival, Janmashtami and Guru Purnima. These festivals are celebrated during the months of July and August.

Class 11 drew our attention to the festivals celebrated in the month of February. The Deccan Festival, the Desert Festival, the Goa Carnival and Maha Shivarathri were highlighted in their displays and charts.

Class 12 – the festivals celebrated in September and October was the highlight of this class. The main attraction of the displays was the model of Ravana. The festivals depicted were Ayudha Puja, Durga Puja, Navami and Dashami to name but a few.


Junior School:

The Junior School gave us ‘A Glimpse of History’ this year and the excitement was evident in every student from Class 1 to Class 5.

The Lower Kindergarten had done crafts on the life cycle of a plant, from seeds to flowers and had managed to actually grow some plants.

The Upper Kindergarten meanwhile was transformed into an animal kingdom, where they took us on a walk in between mama and baby kangaroos, koalas, tigers, frogs and the like.

Class 1 had worked on the historical cities of India; Class 2 on historical personalities; Class 3 on Ancient Civilizations; Class 4 on Battles of India and Class 5 on the Indian Freedom Struggle. The children worked hard on putting up interesting charts and beautiful models. Their knowledge on various topics was on full display as was their creativity. There were charts and quizzes on them, a secret message game with Egyptian Hieroglyphs, children dressed in costumes based on their topics, an entire battlefield with troops in the centre of Class 4 and a fabulous Qutub Minar made by the children themselves with chalk.

The topic chosen this year was interesting and each class had made it even more interesting with their innovative exhibits.


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