Overnight Camp 2024

One of Sishya’s most eagerly awaited events of the year is the Overnight camp where students from Classes 4 to 8 and 11 enjoy an overnight stay at school. Excitement and thrill encompass the youngsters as they come prepared for a camp filled with adventure, scrumptious food and bonhomie throughout the night. Sishya was all decked up with colourful tents around the field and the trees shone brightly in the night sky with fairy lights hanging on its branches but what brought life to the event was the laughing faces of children and teachers.

The Overnight camp of 2024 was held on the 12th of January. Students enjoyed a variety of games on the field and in the auditorium and were treated with delicious snacks soon after. After all the endorphin releasing activities, a mouthwatering dinner was served along with ice-cream as dessert. Post dinner the students watched back-to-back movies while some retired for the night in their tents. The sun rose upon the sleepy students who enjoyed a steaming hot breakfast and left for home with memories to last a lifetime.


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