Overnight Camp 2017

Students of classes 4 to 8 enjoy a ‘day out’ by camping in the school overnight. The novelty of packing essentials like torchlight and toiletries, sleeping in a tent, watching a movie with friends, enjoying a variety entertainment, and relishing sumptuous food with classmates, is an experience like none other for these youngsters.

Overnight camp this year was held on the 16th of September, a day after the school re-opened for the second term. The Sishya compound wore a festive look with colourful tents on one side and children from Classes 4-8 spread all over the place on the other. It was an exciting and fun-filled experience. There was yummy food and lots of games lined up for the students and it was heartening to see the teachers also enthusiastically participating in them. In the evening, there was a zumba dance session which had everybody on their feet dancing and swaying to the music and thoroughly enjoying themselves. It was a disappointing end to the overnight camp as the rains came down very heavily and the children were escorted into the safe confines of the auditorium where a delicious dinner was served to them. After this the parents were informed and the children were sent back home.

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