Music Competition 2011

This year the music competition was shifted from the third term to the second term and it was held on the 6th of June 2011. The judges for the event were Mrs. Vanishree Ravishankar for the Indian Music section and Mr. John Manickam for the Western Music section.

Cauvery started the show and captivated the audience entirely. Narmada continued proceedings performing three hit songs – ‘Forever’, ‘Hey Soul Sister’ and ‘Lean on Me’. Godavari pulled the crowd into loud cheers with their Abba hit, ‘Mamma Mia’ and Sutlej arrived next on the scene to blow the opposition away with ‘Way back into love’, ‘Honey Honey’ and ‘Thank you for the music’. Sutlej house dominated the western music segment, winning every single section of the competition.

In the Indian music segment, Godavari performed the only Tamil song of the evening while Sutlej was the only house to actually use an Indian instrument. Here too, Sutlej took first place followed by Godavari in second spot.

The Indian solo prize was awarded to Vinita from Sutlej house, who captivated the judges completely while the Western solo prize was given to Harini for her incredibly clear and high pitched voice.

The afternoon ended on a high note as well, with Sutlej winning overall and Narmada coming in second followed by Godavari in third place.

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