Music Competition 2018

This year the music competition was held on the 26th of October, 2018. The judges for the event were Mrs. Chitra Mohan for the Indian Music section and Mrs. Ameira D’Costa for the Western Music section.

In the Indian Music segment, Narmada started the day’s competition and they were followed by Sutlej, Godavari and finally Cauvery. Cauvery house dominated the scene and were clear winners in the group segment. They were followed by Narmada in second place and Sutlej came in third. Kiran George Gaurdian of Cauvery won the Indian solo prize and the best instrumentalist award went to Anahita Bharathan of Sutlej house.

In the Western music segment, the houses followed the same order as the Indian segment. There was a tie between Cauvery and Sutlej for first position. Narmada house came in third. Laila Lakshmi Punja of Cauvery house was adjudged the best soloist in the western music segment and Aron Koshy Cherian of Narmada was awarded the best instrumentalist prize.

The afternoon ended on a high note as well, with Cauvery winning overall and Sutlej coming in second followed by Godavari in third place.

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