Dance Competition 2012

The 2012 Sishya Inter house dance competition can be best described as a celebration. The four houses brought the roof down with their Indian performances, showcasing styles of folk dance from various parts of the country. Ranging from Tamil folk, Maharashtrian folk and all the way to Punjabi folk, the costumes, choreography and team work was marvelous. The first place in the Indian segment was bagged by Godavari house, followed by Sutlej house is 2nd place and Cauvery in 3rd.

Next up was the western round and all the teams geared up for it. The fight was tough, with different styles of hip hop and modern dance, the well-designed costumes, to the superb creative ideas; this was one of the most well executed rounds we have ever witnessed.

The judges for the event were of two different styles, one, a classically trained Kathak dancer, and the other, a professional Salsa dancer. They praised the four houses for the themes chosen and the over- all team work. They had a tough decision to make, but in the end, the first place was given to Godavari, making it a double win for the house, followed by Sutlej in 2nd place and Cauvery in 3rd.

This being Sishya’s 40th year, the inter house dance competition showcased a large palate of techniques, themes and well executed team work. It was a day of excitement, fun and energy, as every house gave power packed performances, filling the audience with glee.

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