Dance Competition 2018

There was a buzz in the campus as it was finally the day of the dance competition. The 2018 Inter House Dance competition, held on the 21st of September, was an exhilarating mixture of dance forms.

The judges for the event were two avid dancers who were trained in completely different dance forms. Mr.Sharma, a very popular South-Indian choreographer, was the judge for the western dance segment and Mrs.Shraddha Mohan Prasad, proud alumni of Sishya and a passionate classical dancer and singer, was the judge for the Indian segment.

The Indian dance segment had diverse styles, vibrant costumes, fantastic choreography and exceptional co-ordination. For their scintillating performance Godavari house bagged the first place, followed by Sutlej, Narmada and Cauvery.

The Western dance segment was creative and original. The dances were exuberant, costumes were chic and the songs chosen were peppy. The judges were in a very unenviable position and had to make a tough decision. Godavari house was adjudged the best house followed by Narmada, Sutlej and finally Cauvery.

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