Tiger Quiz 2023

Tiger Quiz 2023 was held on 16th June, 2023 at the Sishya school auditorium. The four houses were represented by teams of four participants from senior school. The audience consisted of our Principal, teachers and students of Grade 9 and above. The event kicked off with students welcoming our quiz master Mr. Rajiv Rajendra back to campus. Mr. Rajendra, an alumnus and parent has been helming the event for decades.

The exciting, closely fought rounds of Audio-visual, buzzer and rapid fire had the teams on its toes, with the audience giving excellent support. The buzz around the auditorium was palpable and the few questions which passed to the audience added to the tally of their respective House teams on stage. The neck -to-neck last round ended with Narmada and Cauvery sharing the win. Sutlej and Godavari finished second and third, literally tailing the winners.

The Participants were as follows:

The Participants
Narmada Gauhet Poddar
Alexander Jacob
Ishaan Srinath
Vibhav Jhaver
Cauvery Tasha Neethirajan
Manasi Arvind
Siddharth Yashwanth
Jinendra D
Sutlej Tanvi Arvind
Varun Nanavati
SK Bhavesh
Shubham Daga
Godavari Krishna Arvind
Tabitha George
Madhav Venkatachalam
Laxman PC

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