Minecraft 2023

Introducing the Minecraft competition, a fresh addition to the lineup of house competitions since 2022. The inaugural event in 2022 brought together two participants from each house, collaborating to impress the judges in a captivating game of build battle. Transitioning to 2023, the focus shifted to skywars, an exhilarating and fast-paced rendition of Minecraft.

Commencing on the 4th of July, this thrilling competition saw students from classes 6-9 forming dynamic pairs, striving to amass the highest points total. The house standings after the initial day showcased a remarkable domination by Cauvery, securing a substantial lead.

As the contest progressed, the spotlight turned to the students of classes 10-12, who joined forces in teams of three, leveraging the points achieved by their junior counterparts.

Despite Cauvery’s impressive lead, the Godavari team exhibited exceptional prowess, clinching victories game after game and ultimately emerging triumphant as the overall competition winners.

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