Middle School Quiz 2023

The Sishya Middle School Quiz was held on 6th October 2023 from 12 noon onwards in the auditorium. Students from classes 6, 7 and 8 were eligible to participate in the inter house competition.

The Quiz comprised of 13 rounds which included topics like current affairs, history, literature, food, geography, sports. The Quiz also had an Audio Buzzer round and Rapid Fire round towards the end which set the thrilling mood for the competition.

  • Cauvery house team was represented by Atharv Jain of 6C, Gaurvi Karki of 7C and Khushi Chhabria of 8C.
  • Godavari house participants were Surya Venkitaraman Sanjeev of 6B, Ahaana Srikanth of 7A and Bharat Sipani of 8A.
  • Narmada put forth Raaghav J of 6B, Aarit Mahesh of 7A and Rithvika Arun of 8B.
  • Sutlej house team was represented by Sarika Sundeep of 6B, Maanas Gopalanswamy of 7B and Sandeep Lithri Mithran of 8B.

All 4 houses gave a tough fight and it was a truly exhilarating performance to watch. After the final round of the quiz ended, the scores were seen to be as follows: Narmada headed the scoreboard followed by Godavari, Cauvery and Sutlej.

The Quiz was an amazing way in which to test the knowledge of these young masterminds and was a true success.

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