KIT Thomas Oration 2015

The KIT Thomas Oration is an annual event held to commemorate the memory of the founder Mr. K. I. Thomas. An eminent speaker is invited to address the senior students, the faculty, parents and the public on different issues, mainly pertaining to education.

This year, the oration was held on the 17th of June. Mr. Yogendra Yadav, sociologist and popular psephologist, was the Chief Guest on this occasion. The hall was packed to capacity and the topic ‘Rethinking Revolution’ was of great interest to all.

In his speech Mr. Yadav said that people need to go beyond the idea of pre-given destinations and give up the idea that revolution is about the capture of State power. He also added that big changes are not brought by elected governments, but can be produced by society. He further stated that if the common people wanted to be part of revolution, they need to chart new territories and give up lethargy.

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