Hindi Elocution 2019

The Hindi Elocution was held on 5th of April 2019. This event saw the participation of students from classes 5 – 7. Each class was given a different topic that they had to speak about. The judge for the event was Mr. Krishna Kamal Shukla.

The topics were as follows:
Class 5 students recited poems on ‘Festivals’,
Class 6 students recited poems on ‘Seasons’ and
Class 7 students recited poems on ‘Nature’

The judge congratulated the participants and made special mention of their enunciation and expressions. He also appreciated the quality of the poems that were selected.

Dhiraj Rajdev of Cauvery house from Class 5 and Samaira Daga also of Cauvery house from Class 6 were declared best speakers. For Class 7, Yash Chokhani of Sutlej house was adjudged as the best speaker. For their outstanding performance, Cauvery was declared overall winners of this year’s competition.

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