English Elocution Competition 2012

The English Elocution Competition was held on the 13th of October 2012 for students of Classes 6 – 9. Class 6 students participated for the first time and did an exceptional job by reciting humourous poems, while Class 7 did excerpts from short stories. The topic from Class 8 was a dialogue and two students from each house were selected to represent the class. The students of Class 9 recited a soliloquy from Shakespeare. The judges for the event were Mr. Freddy Koikaran and Mrs. Aparna.

Godavari placed first, followed by Sutlej, Cauvery and finally Narmada. The Best Speaker for Class 6 was Ram Mukund Kripa of Sutlej while Maitreyi Sunder also of Sutleji was adjudged the best speaker of Class 7. The best speakers for Class 8 were Ritika Jain and Advaith Suresh of Godavari and for Class 9 it was Alisha Verghese of Cauvery.

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