Rangoli Competition 2012

The Inter House Rangoli Competition was held on the 24th of February 2012. The theme this year was ‘Celebrations’. The judge for the event was Mrs. Sridevi Umesh.

Narmada’s rangoli was titled ‘Unity in diversity’, while Sutlej depicted ‘Celebrations – you’re invited’ in their rangoli. Cauvery’s rangoli was ‘Sishya – 40 explosive years of celebration’ and Godavari’s rangoli was titled ‘Exuberance’. All the four houses depicted various symbols of festivities associated with India like the Christmas tree, the colours of Holi, Diwali crackers, Pongal pots and the kite festival too. Cauvery also depicted Sishya’s 40th year which saw a student holding a wheel and wearing the Sishya uniform.

Sutlej took first place, while Cauvery came in second and Narmada bagged the third spot.

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