Senior School Curriculum

Classes 6 to 8 is the Middle School. As students now enter the portals of the Senior School they are encouraged to be independent and work on their own. They use the facilities available in the library, -books and the internet- to do reference work for various class projects and for individual subjects. The emphasis on all round development continues. A schedule of after school activities is compulsory. Children sign up to play a Sport like hockey, basketball, etc. and join a Club activity like The Environmental Club, Aeromodelling etc. from Monday to Thursday.

Classes 9 to 12 make up Senior School. Academics become more structured. These years are the most crucial years of a students life in school. It is a time when decisions are made – decisions regarding which subjects to opt for in Group 3 for Classes 9 & 10 and what group to select in +2. The school has an advanced Careers Counselling programme in place to help in making the right decision.

Study of second language is compulsory upto class 10. Children have an option between Tamil, Hindi and French. Study as a 3rd Language is compulsory from class 4 to class 7. Tamil is a compulsory subject from Class 1 onwards as following instructions by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The three streams offered in +2 are Science, Commerce and Humanities. The core subjects in the three streams is as follows:

  • Science : Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Commerce : Commerce, Accounts and Economics
  • Humanities : Psychology, Sociology and Economics

Besides the above core subjects, students have to select an additional subject from the Optional group which comprises of Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, History and Art. Children from class 1 – 8 are given a wide exposure to Art, Music and Drama.

The Class 10 (ICSE) and Class 12 (ISC) Board Examinations are held every year in March. Our Students have Performed outstandingly year after year Obtaining state and national rank positions. The School has been selected amongst the top 10 day schools in India for the last 5 year. Students have been admitted to the best colleges in India and abroad.

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