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Held on the 20th of October, the Science Quiz was a most exciting event. The questions were intellectually stimulating and the Audio, Visual and Experimental Rounds captured the interest of the audience. It was a nail biting finish with Sutlej House coming up on top and emerging as winners and Narmada taking second spot. Godavari and Cauvery tied for the third position.

The results were as follows:

Sutlej - 1st (190 Points)
Narmada - 2nd (140 Points)
Cauvery - 3rd (100 Points)
Godavari - 3rd (100 Points)
The Middle School Quiz was held on the 9th of February 2018. It saw a good mix of question on various subjects like current affairs, mythology, food, sport and literature to name but a few. Mrs. Nisha Feby George and Mrs. Neela George made it most interesting and had all the young participants and the audience on their toes. Narmada took first place, Cauvery came in second and Sutlej was third.
This exciting event was held on the 17th of November, 2017. Questions ranged from sports and literature to current events and science. The quiz was conducted by Mr. Rajiv Rajendran, alumnus of Sishya. Narmada took first place; Sutlej came in second, Godavari - third and Cauvery, fourth.


This year, the theme for the Drama Competition was ‘History’. Each house had to perform an original short play of fifteen minutes duration based on a historical personality or event. The judges for the event were Mr. Amarendran, a theatre personality and author and Mr. Vinod Anand, a theatre actor, director and voice artist.

Cauvery House’s play “Ode to slavery” was directed by Meera Vijay. The story revolved around Louise Williams, a slave who escaped from Kentucky. He gets arrested and is brought to court and the climax is about his escape from the court.

‘My life’ the play staged by Godavari House, tells the story of the betrayal of Shah Jahan by his children. His ambitious daughters-in-law poison their husbands’ minds and turn them against their own father leading to his death.

Narmada House enacted ‘Viva La Revolution’. The play depicted the harsh realities of the common man of France in the early 18th century. It was a period of social and political upheaval in France. Unable to tolerate the harsh conditions in which they lived, the bourgeoisie organize an uprising and storm the bastion.

‘Noor Jehan’, was the title of the play put up by Sutlej. The story summarizes the life of the famous Mughal queen and the travails that she faced in her early life. Finally married to the drunken emperor Jehangir, Mehrunissa takes the reins of the empire into her own hands.

Narmada House emerged winners. They also bagged the ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Script’ awards. Godavari and Cauvery were tied for second place and Sutlej came in fourth.

The results were as follows.

Second: Godavari & Cauvery
Fourth: Sutlej
Best Actor: Prithvi Srivatsav of Narmada
Best Actress: Raeesa Anwar Haq of Cauvery & Amaarah Marikar of Narmada
Best Director: Prithvi Srivatsav of Narmada
Best Scriptwriter: Amaarah Marikar & Prithvi Srivatsav of Narmada
The Inter House Rangoli Competition was held on the 19th of January 2018. The theme for this year’s competition was the ‘World of Flowers’. The judge for the event was Mrs. Jayashree Chinne Narayanan.

Cauvery’s rangoli, ‘Flowers in a million hues, all admired equally, skins in just a few tones, yet discriminated’ depicted hands of two different tones holding a world of flowers of various shades and colours. Godavari depicted, ‘Co-existence’ in their rangoli. The Solar system and a colourfully decorated Earth were artistically shown. Narmada’s rangoli titled, ‘Where flowers bloom, so does hope’. In their rangoloi, they showed us the various flowers of the different seasons of the world – winter, spring, summer and fall. ‘Floral Splendour – this was the caption of the rangoli made by Sutlej. They depicted the famous flowers of various countries with the world in the middle and the national flower of India, the lotus below it.

Second: Godavari
Third: Cauvery

This year the music competition was held on the 3rd of November, 2017. The judges for the event were Ms. Chitra Ganeshan and Ms. Janani Rajan for the Indian Music section and Mr. Mervin Thomas for the Western Music section.

In the Indian Music segment, Godavari started the day’s competition and they were followed by Cauvery, Narmada and finally Sutlej. Sutlej house dominated the scene and were clear winners in the group segment. They were followed by Narmada, Godavari and finally Cauvery. Nidhi Sajit Menon, also of Sutlej won the Indian solo prize.

In the Western music segment, the houses followed the same order as the Indian segment. Here too, Sutlej house came up on top and took first position. Second place went to Narmada and Godavari came in third. Maya Rebecca Verghese of Sutlej house was adjudged the best soloist in the western music segment.

The afternoon ended on a high note as well, with Sutlej winning overall and Narmada coming in second followed by Godavari in third place.

The Inter House Debate competition was held on 7th of July 2017. This year’s topics were ‘For reasons of security, this house supports army action in Jammu & Kashmir’ and ‘This house opposes the country-wide practice of tweaking marks (moderation)’. The participants from Senior School were required to speak either for or against the topic for five minutes, followed by a question session by the judges. The judges for the competition were Wing Commander Unni Nair and Mrs. Bhavani Raghnandan.

Narmada and Sutlej tackled the first topic. Narmada was represented by Prithvi Srivatsav, Aashish Krishna and Surabhi Gopal who spoke for the topic while Sutlej was represented by Siddhanth Amarnath, Samay Gambhir and Armaan Om Goyal who spoke against the topic.

Godavari and Cauvery spoke on the second topic. Cauvery was represented by Vikrant Vivek, Meera Vijay and Aakash Jajoo who spoke against the topic while Godavari represented by Raghav Mecheri, Kunal Agarwal and Shreeniketh Raghavan spoke for the topic.

The results were announced and Godavari placed first, followed by Sutlej in second position and, Narmada who finished third. For his excellent debating skills and good answers, Siddhanth Amarnath of Sutlej was declared the Best Speaker.


The Sishya Inter House Swimming Meet was held on the 26th of September and a total of around 150 students participated in the meet across several events.

The best swimmers of the meet were Sumer Malhotra of Cauvery house for the boys and Ahana Thakur of Sutlej house for the girls.

Sutlej won the Best Girls House Trophy with a score of 150 points while Cauvery won the Best Boys House Trophy with 134 points.

The Overall Champions Trophy was won by Cauvery with a grand total of 226 points.


The 2017 Inter House Dance competition was a scintillating mixture of dance styles. The Indian Dance segment had a variety of styles, depicting themes from all over India. The colourful costumes, marvelous choreography and excellent co-ordination were a sight to watch. Cauvery and Godavari tied for first place, followed by Narmada in second and Sutlej in third place.

The creativity of the Western dance segment was excellently executed. With dances that were theme oriented, very fashionable costumes, upbeat songs and modern choreography – the variety that was showcased made it difficult for the judges to choose. In this segment, Narmada took first place, followed by Godavari in second, Cauvery in third and Sutlej in fourth place.

The judges for the event came from two different dance schools. Mrs. Mala Bharath, a passionate Bharathanatyam dancer and a multi-faceted personality was the judge for the Indian segment. Mr. Murali, a very popular choreographer and famous Zumba instructor was the judge for the Western dance segment.

The excitement, energy and power packed performances on stage were an excellent display of dancing skills.


The English Elocution Competition was held on the 30th of June 2017 for students of Classes 6 – 9. This year Class 6 students had to recite poems on ‘Fruits’, while the Class 7 students recited epic poems or poems celebrating bravery. The students of Class 8 had descriptive passages or pieces of writing as their topic and for the students of Class 9 it was humourous poems. The judge for the event was Mrs. Sharmila Gautama.

Sutlej and Narmada tied for first place and Cauvery and Godavari tied for the third place. The Best Speaker for Class 6 was Siddharth Yashwanth of Narmada while Anahita Bharathan of Sutlej was adjudged the best speaker of Class 7. Karunya Jothimani of Sutlej was the best speaker from Class 8 and the best speaker of Class 9 went to Shanna Abraham of Godavari.


The Hindi Elocution was held on 26th of June 2014. This event saw the participation of students from classes 5 – 7.

The topic for this year’s competition was ‘Veerta’ – a collection of poems on ‘bravery’.

Godavari took first place while Cauvery came in second and Sutlej took third position. Adhirit Awal of Narmada house was adjudged best speaker from Class 5 and Sukrit Sumant, of Godavari house was best speaker from Class 6. For Class 7 it was Yash Rathod of Godavari house who was awarded best speaker.


The Inter House Tennis Meet was held on the 8th and 9th of July and this year we had an overall participation of about 224 students in the event which included a Hit over the Net section too. This was a resounding success with a participation of 80 students taking part. The hit over the net was held on the school basketball court on the 8thof July. The matches scheduled for the 9th were held at the SDAT Stadium.

Cauvery claimed the Overall Championship with 12 points. The best Boys House also went to Cauvery with 12 points and it was a tie for the best Girls house with Cauvery and Sutlej each scoring 6 points.

The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Sanjay V. Parikh, President of the Sishya Alumni Association. He along with the School Principal, Mrs. Omana Thomas, the Headmistress, Mrs. Shyamala Christopher and the Senior Master, Mr. Robert Ravi gave away the prizes to the winners.


1st place :
Cauvery & Sutlej (Tie)
3rd place : Narmada

1st place :
2nd place : Sutlej
3rd place : Godavari

Overall best house scores after deducting the negative marks
1st place :
2nd place : Sutlej
3rd place : Godavari
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